In a tightening credit market, conventional lenders increase credit requirements for loans and  oftentime, fall short of borrower's needs. HayesCor. seeks to fill the gap in order for developers/borrowers to realize their projects. 

Projects that our borrowing clients most often come to us with: 

Financing up to 80% of real estate acquisitions is available on qualifying property.

Secondary Mortgage Financing
Need equity for an acquisition which is tied up in property owned but not accessible? 
Whether it is due to existing financing or otherwise, we can help you access this equity.

You have a vision and experience in real estate? We can provide the money to help you get there. 

Owner-Occupied Property 
Business owners who also own the real estate they operate within can tap into equity from the property to provide working capital for the operating business.

Regardless of your real estate project, contact us. HayesCor. is rapidly becoming a major player within the alternative financing industry by providing 
innovative solutions for your commercial real estate financing needs. Call us, we have an answer for you at: (514) 484-8000.